GitHub: Script to Mass Add Users to a Team


If you’ve ever had to add several users to a team in a GitHub organization, you know it can be a pain as it’s one user at a time and multiple clicks per add. This script aims to simplify that by adding users to a GitHub org team programmatically from a CSV file.

The Script

This script is in my github-misc-scripts repo:

Using the Script

Prerequisite: You need to make sure to have the gh cli installed and authorized (gh auth login).

  1. Create a users.csv with the list of users to add to the team, one per line, and leave a trailing empty line/whitespace at the end of the file. The file should look like:
  2. From there, it’s pretty simple - run the script, passing in the users.csv file, org name, and team name:
     ./ users.csv <org> <team>


Hopefully this saves you some time in the UI when adding multiple users to a team!

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.